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The cheapest corporate Limousine rates in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Corporate Limousines in the San Francisco Bay Area


American Limo & Sedans has and always will be dedicated to giving every customer the most optimal riding experience. We know those in the business world have hectic lives, and we are here to transport them wherever they need while being able to continue handling business in peace. Our hand-picked chauffeurs are reliable and highly skilled drivers who are always ready to smoothly transport your executives.

Why Choose American Limo & Sedans?

Nothing beats experience and our drivers have been in the business for over 20 years.  American Limo & Sedans also has the lowest and most affordable limo & luxury vehicle rates in the Bay Area. Our top tier service quality and affordable rates are just two reasons why the following companies work with us:

- Western Digital
- SanDisk
- Micron Technology
- Skywest
- And many more


For any inquiries please email us at or give us a call at (866)-580-5050 and we will be glad to answer any questionS.

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